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Chinese Tang Hengdao Sword-Forged Spring Steel Blade, Rosewood Scabbard

Chinese Tang Hengdao Sword-Forged Spring Steel Blade, Rosewood Scabbard

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Item Specification:
Blade Material:spring steel(High Carbon Steel) Blade with Etched Pattern
Sword Type:Handmade,Hand Forged, Heat Tempered, Full Tang
Package Weight: 1.78KG
Overall Length:117CM/46"
Blade Length: 74CM/29"
Handle Length:35CM/13.7"
Scabbard:Faux Leather Wrapped Scabbard
Handle:golden Alloy
Knife Fitted:golden Alloy
Condition: Brand New
Origin: Longquan, Zhejiang, China
Accessories: Cotton Sword Bag (No Wood Stand)
Experience the legacy of sword-making mastery with the LOONGSWORD Chinese Tang Hengdao Sword. Crafted using age-old Longquan traditions, this sword stands as a testament to the artistry and skill passed down through generations.
At its heart lies a spring steel blade, meticulously hand-forged and subjected to the rigors of quenching and tempering. The result is a blade that embodies resilience and sharpness, capable of meeting the demands of both form and function.
A visual delight, the sword comes with a solid wood scabbard enveloped in supple faux leather, showcasing a harmonious contrast of textures. Robust zinc alloy fittings further accentuate its elegance while contributing to its durability.
Its grandeur is undeniable, with an impressive total length of 117CM, including a 74CM blade and a well-balanced 35CM handle. The blade measures 3.8CM in width and 0.5CM in thickness, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance.
Beyond its artistic value, the LOONGSWORD Chinese Tang Hengdao Sword carries the weight of tradition, making it an ideal choice for gifting or display. Whether presented to a friend or showcased as a centerpiece, it encapsulates the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Chinese sword-making.

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