Tang dao sword

Tang dao is a type of Chinese sword that was developed during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). It is also known as a taijijian, or "supreme ultimate sword," and is considered to be one of the three main types of Chinese swords, along with the jian and the dao.
The tang dao is a single-edged sword with a curved blade that is slightly wider at the tip than at the base. It has a straight handle, or tang, that extends through the grip and is used for thrusting and cutting. The tang is typically made of wood or bone and is covered with a decorative material, such as cord or leather.
Tang dao swords were traditionally used by the Chinese military and were considered to be a symbol of rank and authority. They were also used in martial arts training and were popular among scholars and intellectuals. Today, tang dao swords are used in various forms of Chinese martial arts, such as wushu and tai chi, as well as in ceremonial and decorative contexts.
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