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Han jian Hand Forged Damascus Steel Octahedron Blade,Brass Handle,Rosewood Scabbard

Han jian Hand Forged Damascus Steel Octahedron Blade,Brass Handle,Rosewood Scabbard

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Item Specification:
Blade Material:High quality Damascus steel in China/Folding pattern steel octahedron blades;
Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Hand Forged,Heat Tempered;
Package weight:2.45kg,No scabbard weight:1.58kg;
Overall Length:36inch/91cm;
Blade Length:25inch/65cm;
Handle Length:9inch/23cm;
Blade width:1.65inch/4.2cm;
Scabbard:High quality Rosewood;
Knife fitted:High quality Brass;
Condition:Brand new;
Origin:China Zhejiang Longquan;
Packing:Bag+foam box.No Wood Stand.
China Longquan is the original place of treasured swords and celadon (ware). It is famous home and abroad for the production of Longquan swords. On the base of 2600 years'traditional sword culture of Longquan, our company inherited and are developing the ancestral sword-forging craft, absorbed the merit of other colleagues, and choose best material to forge the swords by over 20 working procedures such as hammering, shoveling, filing, engraving, quenching, polishing, etc. It is famous for the distinguishing features "tenacious and sharp, couple hardness with softness, threatening shiny blade, exquisite patterns and fittings"Longquan is a city located in the southwestern part of Zhejiang province in China, known for its production of traditional Chinese swords and other weapons. Longquan has a long history of sword-making, dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and it is still an important center for the production of traditional Chinese swords today. The swords made in Longquan are known for their high quality and craftsmanship, and are widely prized for their beauty and functionality. They are typically made from a type of steel called jianmu, which is forged and tempered using traditional techniques to create a blade that is hard, sharp, and durable. The swords produced in Longquan are used for a variety of purposes, including martial arts, display, and collection.

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