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Chinese sword

Porcelain Bracelet/Celadon Di kiln Celadon/NO.5

Porcelain Bracelet/Celadon Di kiln Celadon/NO.5

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  • New Fashion Design, Very Popular
  • [Material quality]Longquan porcelain clay,Di kiln.[Size]Diameter:1.5CM.The other is the metal beads.
  • [Craft]Longquan celadon ware younger brother kiln department
  • [Habitat]World does not lose * source area protectorate ~ Zhejiang Longquan
  • 100% Brand new and high quality.

Longquan celadon The beautiful mountains and rivers as well as the unique resources of china clay within the boundaries of Longquan Zhejiang gave birth to Longquan celadon, a rare treasure and they also created generations of famous celadon craftsmen of wonderful workmanship. Longquan celadon started in the Five Dynasties, reached its summit during the Song and Yuan Dynasties and lasted to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the longest and largest kiln family in the Chinese celadon history. The produce are divided into big groups,that is , white celadon base and cinnabar celadon base with thick glaze. In the group of the Younger Brother Kiln, (also called Longquan Kiln), glaze includes . soft blue glaze , bean green glaze and plum green glaze and so on , among which ,plum green glaze is the most famous and precious. Celadon from the Younger Brother Kiln was said in ancient books to be sparkling, pure and as perfect as jade. Celadon with black celadon base and natural glaze crackle is called Elder, Brother Kiln . The celadon mouth appears purple and in the place where base in exposed , it appears black. This is so called “Purple mouth and black foot ”. Graceful and refined and dignified , it was one of the five famous kilns of the Song Dynasty.

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