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Han jian Sword,Hand Forged Blades,Blue Scabbard,Alloy Handle,Full Tang

Han jian Sword,Hand Forged Blades,Blue Scabbard,Alloy Handle,Full Tang

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Item Specification:
Blade Material:High quality High manganese steel blade,Surface laser engraving pattern;
Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Hand Forged,Heat Tempered;
Package weight:1.85kg,No scabbard weight:1.35kg;
Overall Length:40.55inch/103cm;
Blade Length:28.74inch/73cm;
Handle Length:9.44inch/24cm;
Blade width:1.49inch/3.8cm;
Scabbard:Solid wood+blue Fake leather;
Handle:High quality Alloy;
Knife fitted:High quality Alloy;
Condition:Brand new;
Origin:China Zhejiang Longquan;
Packing:Bag+foam box.No Wood Stand.
Note:need sharp blade, please contact the seller before buying.
China Longquan is renowned as the birthplace of exceptional swords and celadon ware, recognized both domestically and internationally for its exquisite craftsmanship. With a rich heritage spanning 2600 years, our company proudly carries forward the ancestral art of sword-forging from Longquan.
Drawing inspiration from this time-honored tradition, we meticulously craft each sword using the finest materials and employing over 20 meticulous techniques, including hammering, shoveling, filing, engraving, quenching, and polishing. The result is a sword that embodies the unique qualities Longquan swords are known for: resilience and sharpness, harmonious balance of hardness and softness, a gleaming blade that commands attention, and exquisite patterns and fittings.
We are deeply grateful for the trust and support of our valued customers. Rest assured, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of every sword enthusiast. Through our unwavering dedication, we strive for excellence, perfecting our craftsmanship, and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

1.Because it is a handmade sword product, there may be small differences in length, weight, color, etc., please understand;
2.we are the manufacturers, many commodities is now assembled, each shipment might be slightly different.
3.If you need sharp or non-sharp blades, please contact the seller for confirmation before purchasing.
Please understand, thank you..
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Forging skill of Longquan sword is China's intangible cultural heritage
High manganese steel/High carbon steel
China Han jian sword

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