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Tang Dao Sword-Hand-Forged Damascus Steel Blade,Ebony Scabbard,Brass Fittings

Tang Dao Sword-Hand-Forged Damascus Steel Blade,Ebony Scabbard,Brass Fittings

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Item Specification:
Blade Material:Damascus steel in China/Folding pattern steel blade
Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Hand Forged,Heat Tempered,Full tang
Package Weight:2.1KG,Without scabbard:1.15KG
Overall Length: 44”/112cm
Blade Length: 28"/73cm
Handle Length:11.8"/30cm
Knife Fitted:Brass
Condition: Brand New
Origin: Longquan, Zhejiang, China
Accessories: Cotton Sword Bag (No Wood Stand)

Embrace the artistry and legacy of Chinese swords with the LOONGSWORD Chinese Tang Dao Sword. This exceptional sword is hand-forged using China's Intangible Cultural Heritage - Longquan Baoteng Sword Forging Technique, a prestigious craftsmanship passed down through generations.
The blade is made of Chinese Damascus Steel, renowned for its strength and mesmerizing water-like patterns. The exquisite design includes a Black Ebony Scabbard and Full Brass Fittings, adding elegance to its appearance.
With an overall length of 112CM and a blade length of 73CM, this Tang Dao Sword showcases impressive craftsmanship. The handle, measuring 30CM, provides a comfortable grip and allows for precise handling during martial arts practice.
Whether you are a martial arts enthusiast, a collector, or seeking a unique gift, the LOONGSWORD Chinese Tang Dao Sword is a true masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Chinese swords with this finely-crafted piece.

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