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Chinese sword

Japanese sword,Hand forged Damascus steel blade,Stainless steel scabbard

Japanese sword,Hand forged Damascus steel blade,Stainless steel scabbard

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Item Specification:
Blade Material:Damascus steel in China/Folded steel,surface red;
Sword Type:Hand Made Katana Samurai Sword;
Habaki:Copper production;
Package weight:2KG
Overall Length:42"/106cm;
Blade Length:28"/73cm;
Edge width:1.25"/3.2cm;
Scabbard:Stainless steel of the lacquer that bake+Solid wood;
Handle:Wood,Package pearl white fishskin, winding red rope;
Knife fitted:Alloy;
Condition:Brand New;
Origin:Longquan Zhejiang China;
Accessories:Cotton sword bag,Not wood stand. 
1.Each sword, a result of meticulous handcrafting, may display slight variations in length, weight, and color, a testament to its uniqueness.
2.As manufacturers, minor discrepancies may arise due to assembly variations.
3.Should you require specific blade sharpness, we encourage you to reach out to us for clarification before making your purchase.
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