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chinese sword

Sword Real Katanas,Forged High carbon steel Blades

Sword Real Katanas,Forged High carbon steel Blades

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Blade material:High carbon steel forging integrated;
Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Heat Tempered,Full Tang;
Tang; Real Full tang(katana can be disassemble);
Overall length:104cm/40.9inches;
Blade length:74cm/29.1inches;
Handle length:26cm/10inches;
Blade width(near habaki blade):3.2cm/1.25 inches;
Blade thickness(near habaki blade);0.7cm/0.28 inches;
Tsuba /fuchi,kashira/menuki material:Brass;
Handle material:Hard wood+silk ito+ray skin;
Saya material:Hard wood+silk sageo;
Conditional:Brand new;
Gift:a sword bag .No wood stand.

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