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Dragon and Tiger Two-Handed Sword-Hand Forged Damascus Steel Blade,Traditional Craftsmanship

Dragon and Tiger Two-Handed Sword-Hand Forged Damascus Steel Blade,Traditional Craftsmanship

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Item Specification:
Blade Material:Damascus steel in China/Folding pattern steel blade;
Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Hand Forged,Heat Tempered,Full tang;
Package weight:2.2KG,No scabbard weight:1.4KG;
Overall Length:50"/129cm;
Blade Length:35"/89cm;
Handle Length:11.8"/30cm;
Blade width:1.25"/3.2cm;
Scabbard:High quality Rosewood;
Handle:High quality Rosewood;
Knife fitted:High quality Brass;
Condition:Brand New;
Origin:Longquan Zhejiang China;
Accessories:Cotton sword bag,Not wood stand.

Elevate your appreciation for ancient weaponry with the LOONGSWORD Dragon and Tiger Two-Handed Sword. Meticulously handcrafted through the esteemed techniques of Longquan sword forging, this masterpiece is a testament to the fusion of heritage and artistry.
The heart of the sword lies in its blade, meticulously hand forged from China's legendary Damascus steel. Revered for its mesmerizing patterns and unmatched strength, this blade undergoes an intensive process of quenching, tempering, and hand polishing, resulting in an edge that embodies precision and power.
The sword's dimensions are carefully calibrated for balance and performance. The 3.2CM wide blade, complemented by a 0.5CM thickness, ensures optimal agility without compromising power. The total length of 129CM comprises an 89CM blade and a 30CM handle, offering impeccable control for practitioners.
As a tribute to nature's elegance, the scabbard is expertly fashioned from rosewood and embellished with brass fittings. It not only secures and protects the blade but also reflects the artistry of the craftspeople who shape it.
Beyond its role as a collector's treasure, the Dragon and Tiger Two-Handed Sword is a versatile companion for martial artists and fitness enthusiasts. Its enduring design beckons you to embrace the legacy of warriors past while embarking on a journey of self-mastery.

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