Bagua jian sword

Bagua Sword is a traditional Chinese martial arts sword technique, whose name derives from the Bagua diagram. The basic technique of Bagua Sword is to use the sword to form the shape of the Bagua diagram in the air and attack the opponent with different sword techniques.
The Bagua diagram is composed of three triangles, each representing a different element, including heaven, earth, fire, water, thunder, wind, mountain, and marsh. The sword techniques of Bagua Sword are based on these elements, and use different positions and angles to attack the opponent.
In Bagua Sword, the practitioner needs to combine the body with the sword technique, using the flexible rotation of the body and the variation of the sword technique to attack the opponent quickly. Bagua Sword emphasizes flexibility, speed, and variability, and emphasizes tactics of using small to defeat big, and weak to overcome strong. It has high practicality and appreciation value.
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