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Warlord Spear-Traditional Craftsmanship, Stainless Steel Blade,30inch Length

Warlord Spear-Traditional Craftsmanship, Stainless Steel Blade,30inch Length

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Spearhead Material:7Cr17MOV stainless steel;
Overall Length: 30inch/77cm;
Spearhead Length:9.8inch/25cm;
Weight (with Scabbard):0.7kg(approximately);
Rod:7Cr17MOV stainless steel;
Condition:Brand New;
Origin:China zhejiang longquan;
Packing:Bag+foam wood stand.

Unleash the power of history with the LOONGSWORD Warlord Spear. This exceptional weapon is a testament to the enduring legacy of Longquan craftsmanship, seamlessly merging ancient techniques with contemporary precision.
The spearhead, forged from robust 7Cr17MOV stainless steel, guarantees durability and resistance to the elements. Measuring 77CM in total length, with a 25CM spearhead, and a 37CM handle, the weapon strikes a perfect balance between reach and control.
The carefully designed handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip, whether for combat practice or as an exquisite display piece. The craftsmanship behind this spear is a tribute to China's martial history, making it a valuable addition for collectors and enthusiasts.
Explore the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation with the LOONGSWORD Warlord Spear. Elevate your collection, martial practice, or display with this embodiment of ancient artistry.

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7Cr17MOV stainless steel

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