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Peony Sword Real,Forged Damascus Steel Blades,Brass Scabbard

Peony Sword Real,Forged Damascus Steel Blades,Brass Scabbard

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Item Specification:
Blade Material:High quality Damascus steel in China/Folding pattern steel;
Sword Type:Hand Made Sword,Hand Forged,Heat Tempered;
Package weight:1.98KG;No scabbard weight:1.4KG;
Overall Length:39inch/100cm;
Blade Length:29inch/76cm; 
Handle Length:9inch/23cm;
Blade width:1.45inch/3.7cm;
Scabbard:High quality Brass;
Handle:High quality Brass;
Knife fitted:High quality Brass,Surface gold and silver process;
Condition:Brand new;
Origin:China Zhejiang Longquan;
Packing:Bag+foam box.No Wood Stand.

China Longquan has long been revered as the birthplace of treasured swords and celadon ware, garnering a reputation that extends far beyond its borders. Renowned for the production of Longquan swords, our company proudly upholds a 2600-year-old traditional sword culture.
Drawing upon the invaluable legacy of our ancestors' sword-forging craft, we have diligently developed and refined our techniques, incorporating the wisdom of our fellow craftsmen. With meticulous attention to detail, we meticulously forge each sword through over 20 intricate processes including hammering, shoveling, filing, engraving, quenching, and polishing. This dedication ensures our swords possess the distinguishing features that have made Longquan swords truly exceptional: tenacity and sharpness, harmonious fusion of hardness and softness, captivatingly lustrous blades, and exquisite patterns and fittings.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed customers for their unwavering support and high expectations. Rest assured, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of every sword enthusiast and customer. Through ceaseless effort and unwavering dedication, we continuously strive for excellence, seeking to perfect perfection itself and ensure utmost customer satisfaction.
Experience the legacy of Longquan and indulge in the artistry of our exceptional swords. Place your trust in us today, and let us deliver a sword that surpasses your dreams.
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