Collection: Spear|Chinese sword|China kung fu|Handmade art

Modern reproductions of medieval European spears & javelins: hand-forged steel heads, ash wood shafts. Spears have wood shafts & pointed heads, made of durable materials like flint, obsidian, iron, steel, or bronze. Hunting spears have triangle, lozenge, or leaf-shaped metal heads; fishing spears feature barbs or serrated edges. Word "spear" originates from Old English "spere," related to Proto-Germanic "speri," and Proto-Indo-European root "*sper-." Spears serve as both hunting tools and weapons, used in melee combat or thrown as javelins. They are among the earliest and most important tools in human history, continuing to be used, even in the modern era, in the form of bayonets, making them one of the most commonly used weapons throughout history.