Zi Wu Yuan Yang Yue-Traditional Chinese Cold Weapons

The "Zi Wu Yuan Yang Yue," known as the "Noon-Midnight Mandarin Duck Axes," is a traditional Chinese weapon consisting of two connected short handles and short blades, resembling a fork. Its name comes from the "zi" (midnight) and "wu" (noon) hours, symbolizing the beginning and end of a day.

Usually made of metal like iron or steel, there are also versions with wooden handles. Its design allows users to attack and defend by swinging and rotating. This weapon is often considered an unconventional tool, used to disarm opponents or grab their weapons.

In ancient China, the "Zi Wu Yuan Yang Yue" was widely used in combat and self-defense and also employed in martial arts training. Its unique shape and application provided unexpected advantages in battle.

Although no longer a primary weapon in modern times, the "Zi Wu Yuan Yang Yue" still holds a special place in Chinese martial arts, as a traditional and distinctive form of weaponry that continues to be preserved.

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