RuYi jian sword

The Ruyi Jian is a type of traditional Chinese weapon that resembles a sword or saber. It is characterized by a curved blade with a sharp edge and a handle that is often decorated with intricate designs. The weapon was used for both martial arts training and as a ceremonial object, and was associated with royalty and high-ranking officials in imperial China.

In martial arts training, the Ruyi Jian was often used for practicing techniques and building skills, as well as for demonstrating martial prowess in competitions and demonstrations. As a ceremonial object, the Ruyi Jian was often presented as a gift to dignitaries and was used in religious and cultural ceremonies.

Today, the Ruyi Jian is considered a symbol of Chinese culture and history, and is often depicted in Chinese artwork and films. It continues to be used in traditional martial arts schools and is also collected by martial arts enthusiasts and collectors of Chinese antiques.
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