Pearl fish leather

Pearl fish leather is a type of leather made from the skin of pearl fish, also known as pearl perch or glistening perch. Pearl fish leather is known for its unique iridescent and shimmering appearance, which is caused by the presence of small, reflective scales on the skin of the fish.
Pearl fish leather is made by removing the scales from the skin, tanning the skin, and then stretching and drying it to create a flexible and durable material. The finished leather is often used to make fashion accessories such as bags, wallets, and shoes, as well as other products such as book covers and furniture upholstery.
Pearl fish leather is considered a sustainable alternative to traditional leather made from cows, as it is made from a species of fish that is widely available and not endangered. However, the process of making pearl fish leather can be labor-intensive and requires specialized knowledge and equipment, which can make it more expensive than traditional leather.
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