Western sword

The Western sword, often referred to simply as a "sword," encompasses a wide variety of blade weapons developed in Europe over centuries. These swords typically feature a straight, double-edged blade, designed for cutting, thrusting, and slashing. Historically, they evolved from simple bronze blades to complex steel weapons, often intricately crafted and balanced.
Famous types include the Roman gladius, the medieval longsword, and the Renaissance rapier. Each type served different purposes, from the gladius used by Roman soldiers for close combat to the rapier favored by duelists for its agility and precision. Western swords were not just tools of war but also symbols of status and honor, often beautifully decorated and passed down through generations.
The art of swordsmanship, or fencing, developed alongside these weapons, with various schools and styles emerging across Europe. Today, Western swords are appreciated not only as historical artifacts but also in modern fencing sports and historical reenactments, preserving their legacy and craftsmanship.
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